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If you are interested in research regarding the role of genetics/genomics and epigenetics in the diagnosis, progression, prevention and treatment (pharmacological, nutritional, dialysis, transplantation) of renal disease - and its many complications such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, other uremia related disorders - ReGeNet is a society for you.

ReGeNet membership brings you in contact with a growing number of clinical - and basic - researchers in Europe and in other parts of the world who share the interest to advance studies in this field. Together we will build up the required biobanks, knowledge and other strengths for translational research in the renal field.
ReGeNet membership will give you access to scientific exchanges at ReGeNet meetings, contact and knowledge sharing through the ReGeNet website,  and – not least – by facilitating bilateral and multilateral collaborations among the members of ReGeNet. Collaboration is needed for credible applications for research funds as a single center usually can not come up with the sample size needed for sufficient statistical power. Collaborations are also needed for confirmation of results in independent cohort(s) – without this many journals will reject submitted manuscripts. ReGeNet membership will help you to identify partners who have genotyped cohorts with comparable phenotypes and this will by itself stimulate further collaborations.
For these reasons and more, please join us in ReGeNet, and apply for membership using the form under 'Become a Member'. For more information about ReGeNet membership, please, contact Bengt Lindholm,

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