ReGeNet sponsors

ReGeNet welcomes links with industrial partners who have a significant interest in the co-morbidity and outcome of renal disease and kidney transplantation. The ReGeNet constitution recognises the importance of corporate partners and provides two free ordinary memberships as part of the sponsorship package. Corporate members will benefit from:

  • access to information on progress of ReGeNet-sponsored public domain research prior to publication
  • participation in ReGeNet projects
  • education opportunities for staff development in the area of renal genetic epidemiology
  • scientific advice on genetic studies in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation relevant to their business area.
  • advertising of company logo on ReGeNet website/documents by mutual agreement.
The corporate rate per year is €10,000 for one year, or €5,000 per year for a three year commitment (€15,000).

The ReGeNet Council would be happy to discuss with you specific areas where there may be a mutual interest between our organisations. These discussions can be conducted under conditions of a standard confidentiality agreement if required. For more information, please, contact Paul Brenchley,

 ReGeNet is sponsored by: